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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2019
I wanted a good quality sturdy and durable, fun board, for my grandsons to try out and learn on, without spending a load. These boards are confidence builders, for learning balance, easy to manipulate for doing turns, gaining momentum for doing beginner tricks and they are built to take a beating and they would have to be for my super charged, daredevil, no fear 6 and 7 year old grandsons.
The boys had them pretty much figured out within minutes out of the box, that is to say that they felt cool enough to ride in front of their peers, who have been doing skate boards for quite awhile.
My grandson's have been doing scooters (with handles) for some time now, and I really think that may have helped them with being able to balance on the skateboards. We also had them stand on the boards in grass, in order to get their balance. Once they were able to determine how it felt to find their balance they just took off.
They have had them now for over a month. Wow! Can't believe how good they have gotten in such a short amount of time. The softer wide wheels were perfect for gliding over the bumps, cracks and sidewalk imperfections.
They boys keep coming back to Grandma's house bringing their skateboards along, because they say that I have way better side walks than they do. :-) That wasn't the plan, but I am so glad it turned out that way. Whatever will get them here. :-) I also got my youngest grandson (age 3) the Fischer Price skateboard with the handle. He has loved it but I think that he is pretty close to being ready for this board, he keeps begging to use his brother's boards. The Fischer Price board has given him the confidence he needs to be able to balance on this board and he does very well. We will be order him one of these very soon.
This has been one of my favorite purchases for my grandsons. You never know for sure what is going to be a pleaser until you know. It has turned out to be one of those few things that the more they play on them, the more they want to play on them. Great way to spend some of that wonderful young energy. Mom has thanked me over and over. :-)
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