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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2015
I've been wanting to get a standing desk for a while due to persistent lower back problems. I researched a few options, and considered building a standing desk as well. I bought this one because it seemed like a fair price, it raises up or down, and other reviews seemed to be pretty good. A coworker has one too so I got to see this in action before buying it which helped me make a decision.

For as much as I like the fact that this desk raises up and down, now that I have it set up I'm finding that the raising/lowering part isn't all that useful, unfortunately. Maybe it's just my particular circumstance. I'm 6' 3" tall, which isn't that tall really, and my office desk has a height of about 29", which is fairly standard and not low by any means. But with the Varidesk raised all the way up my monitors (sitting on the top of the Varidesk as shown in the product pictures) were still a good foot lower than where they needed to be for proper ergonomics.

So I started with stacking books and some cheap plastic crates to get my monitors up higher, up to eye level. That worked ok, but the Varidesk was then completely useless when lowered for the sitting position because I had my monitors up an extra foot to compensate for my height, which was not at all ideal in the sitting position.

After a little research I decided to get a dual monitors stand that could attach to the Varidesk and also allow me to raise the monitors independently of the desk. Great! This sounds awesome in theory. After looking at a bunch of options and scratching my head trying to compare them all, I bought the Mount It stand here:

Installing the stand on the Varidesk was tricky, the desk top attachment barely fit around a bar that runs across the back under the top of the Varidesk. But I got it to fit. However, afterwards, I was no longer able to lower the desk all the way down. The tightening knob for the standing protrudes down far enough to prevent me from putting the desk down flat.

Also, even though the Mount It bracket has variable height adjustment for the monitors, I find it awkward to be lowering them and raising them on the Mount It stand even a couple times a day.

So, after all this, I spent about $600 on hardware to get a desk that lowers/raises and I found that the fact that I'm over 6' tall I'm not able to configure everything properly to allow easy transition from standing to sitting. I basically have a cool looking variable height adjustable desk that I have to leave in standing mode cause my height doesn't match well with the heights it was designed for and adding mounting brackets to get proper monitor height prevent the Varidesk from moving in it's full range of motion. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

If I could do this differently, I'm not sure what I'd do exactly. Probably just build a permanent standing desk for a lot less money?

The varidesk itself is pretty nice, built well, and was easy to set up. It's just that it feels a little short with no options to adjust for taller people, and I'm not even all that tall at 6' 3".
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