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Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2018
This book was recommended by Amazon as going with the Elegoo parts kits and tutorial to buy all together. The Elegoo includes a Mega 2560 processor board.

Sadly this book is old enough that it doesn't know what the Mega 2560 Arduino is and barely mentions a few other types. Some of those types have come and gone and are no longer common. The entire focus of this book was on the Arduino Uno.

While the programming is similar, the UNO board has less ports and memory and communications ports than the 2560. I wanted a book on the Mega 2560 since that's in the kit. This book should not have been recommended by Amazon to go with that Elegoo kit as it only slightly pertains to using that board. This book would be good if recommended to go with the Elegoo UNO kit but not the 2560. Even so, it's 90% software and very little about hardware. It's more about programming with C than it is about the Arduino (which by Arduino the author only means Arduino Uno).

Having now read the entire book through, I did get some programming knowledge, just not geared toward all the extra features on the 2560 and very little hardware info. One page mentions the Mega like it's a new board. And that's actually just the old Mega, not the current one he mentions.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that the website isn't working any more. So no downloading the sketches (programs) from the web site.

I'll look at publish dates next time. This 2012 info is outdated and only a few things updated to 2016 which is still too far out of date for Arduino stuff.

I had hoped to get some insight on using these boards to program Marlin sketches for 3D printers but frankly came away with very little for that.
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