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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2018
I just could not stop reading this book until I read it all the way through on my days off. It is so very informative, eye-opening, motivating and interesting. The author has succeeded in making a whole lot of research available to us in the most understandable and useable way. I already knew about intermittent fasting because I was on the Bulletproof Diet for several months and felt great initially (sleeping better, better digestion, and better mood and energy), so I already knew about some of the benefits of the TRE (Time Regulated Eating) this book advocates. The other author was really pushing his supplements and food items, which I invested in but they made me really sick. As a consequence, I had completely stopped doing the intermittent fasting and quickly relapsed in all of the areas of initial improvement. This book is so different, with this author selling nothing but his book. There are numerous really quick and easy ways to make a huge difference in how you feel right away, not just for prevention of future health problems. You don't have to buy any expensive supplements or special foods. The author gives a list of preferable foods, but I don't think these are just his favorite foods as one reviewer said … they are the ones that a vast array of specialists and researchers are advocating. I cannot say enough good things about this book. It has thoroughly answered my questions that arose from my previous experience with timed eating and sleeping, and I feel so motivated and excited to do every single thing he suggests!!
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