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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2020
Although this comes years after Geoff Johns's previous Shazam series in the New 52 (and is I guess in a slightly different version of the DC universe), it's a pretty great continuation of that story. Having shared his powers with his foster brothers and sisters, Billy Batson and crew are thrown into a new adventure involving seven magic lands that have some mysterious connection to the Rock of Eternity. In the same way that the first Shazam story by Johns was a modern retelling of a classic child superhero story, this one is a bit of a modern spin on the trope of kids lost in magical realms you've probably read many times before in various children's stories.

All in all, I really enjoyed most of this collection, and the first half in particular is extremely well-paced and cinematic, in my opinion. As Billy and his family are drawn into the mystery of the seven lands, things go predictably awry in various ways. Where things are a little less smooth is in the last third or so of the book, where I think there are too many twists on twists, and the plot gets a little overstuffed with different villains who you mostly glimpse for moments. There's also kind of a questionable stuffing in of Black Adam, who had more of a role to play in the first series, and this time only seems present as an obligatory can-you-trust-him-or-not frenemy with shallow motivations.

But, those weaknesses aside, this was still a fun story. If you liked the first Shazam arc by Johns, this is pretty much that, with more magic, more bad guys, and more everything Shazam, with a kind of golden age fun feel that you don't often see in a lot of comics lately.
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