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Reviewed in the United States on October 5, 2013
All my life I have been a private person, especially when it comes to two very private topics -- religion and politics. But when first closely listening to the double talk of Barack Obama as we drew closer to the election, I knew we were in trouble. Wanting to delve into this deeper, I reached out to people I respect, and you turned up on my radar.

Thank God for you, Mark Levin. You drew me out, along with THOUSANDS of others, inspired me with your knowledge and passion, and for the first time in my life I became an activist in politics. My Grandfather had a lot to do with it, because his passion for our country is in-bred (he created the 'I Want You' Uncle Sam, and though he supported FDR through the war, he was a conservative thru and thru).

As a founding member of the Tea Party movement, your books, passion and surges have taught me how to stand up and fight, research, blog, and get involved. It started with your first book "Liberty & Tyranny", which I took to my first townhalll meeting. It explained the meaning of true conservatism.

As we got deeper into this muck & mire, your next book "Ameritopia" explained where we were headed, and how it happened. So many of us were frantic and frustrated, and realized although we were making a difference, nothing was being done to stop this insane path to socialism. We watched the GOP campaign on lies, believing they would truly stop the insanity, but most of them turned in to the very thing we were fighting -- the elite establishment.

Disappointed and discouraged, we cried out time after time "What can we do, Mark?". And that brings us to the third book in your historic trilogy, "The Liberty Amendments". You keep out-doing yourself, Mark Levin. At first I was with our dear Phyllis Schlafly, but after researching rebuttals to her concern, this has to work. It is the only way to truly clean house, and it will not be swift or easy, but as you point out, the Framers left us a gift.... for this exact purpose, and it's time to start the process. God bless you, Mark and keep you healthy. I believe in what you are doing, and have all your books now, including your Dad's two beloved books.
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