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Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2017
It's often hard to enjoy a book with a flaky narrator, but completely possible if you feel that the author has control of him/her. Didn't work here. I consistently wanted to slap the protagonist for her overreaction s, under reactions, inexplicable passions and loyalties, and overall bad judgment. Again, I can forgive all these things (in the book, if not the character) if they seem part of a complex and flawed, developed narrator. I just didn't get that sense. She'd throw her life away for these friends, she tells us that, but I never got a sense of WHY, other than that she said so. The bond they share is basically "we have such a bond.". The book also seems to try to impart great wisdom, but it keeps contradicting itself. Again, totally fine if you feel it's deliberate, part of a confused and evolving reality for the main character. Here it just feels like the author is confused.
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