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Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2018
So I know most people are in one of two camps, either “FrogLube is the greatest thing ever” or “it’s snake oil.” So all I can do is tell people about my experience with this and let them decide for themselves what’s best for them. Let me start by saying I don’t use this on my antique guns, I had read that there is some issues with old seasoned guns where the petroleum based oils deep inside the metal reacts negatively with the Frog Lube and creates kind of a gummy surface. So I avoided that happening and I only use this on my new guns, especially ones that I use a lot. Let me start by telling you I shoot a lot. So my prep with this is pretty straight forward, I begin by breaking down my firearm I want to treat and I completely degrease it with the FL Super Degreaser. Basically what I’m trying to do is get all the old oil off the firearm. I then heat the metal with a heat gun and wipe CLP over all metal parts. I then wipe any standing oil off and in the hard to reach parts I use a head gun to blow the oil out. I let the gun parts dry and then wipe everything down with a terry cloth almost buffing the surfaces. In my opinion this is one time deal with a new firearm, I don’t ever mix different types of gun cleaning oils. So after that initial breakin heat treating I seldom do it again for that firearm, I just clean with the CLP and occasionally with with the Frog Lube cleaner.

My FL test: Last year I wanted to experiment with FL so I took my Beretta Outlander and I did a full strip and heat treat on it. I then used it for an entire season without cleaning it once. I shot a few rounds of Skeet and trap, I ducked hunted and literally every single weekend from mid October to the end of January I upland hunted. In the dirt, mud and 15 degree temperatures I had zero issues with the gun. Then at the end of the season I cleaned it and I was shocked by how easy all of the fowling wiped out of the barrel. It took no time at all, even on the gas port which on the Beretta Semi Autos are notorious for getting filthy. It all just wiped off with CLP. I had zero corrosion and the barrel was spotless. There was no scrubbing stuck on fowling, literally it was no difference then a normal cleaning that I would do after coming back from shooting a single round of skeet. It was perfect.

So in my scouring of the internet I’d like to hit on a couple of points that might help people when thinking of going the FrogLube route:
-Use with newer guns that don’t have years and years of oil build up
-Fully strip down and degrease the firearm prior to using a FrogLube product
-Don’t mix other types of gun oils and cleaners with FrogLube
-Don’t over oil and wipe any excess FrogLube off after cleaning

Hope this helps
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