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Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2020
Overall good, but a bit of a step down from the first trilogy in my opinion.

I loved the first three, and the concluding third book had me tearing through the pages to find out the next revelation and how the action would wrap up. Perhaps it was starting the fourth one right after that hit me: understandably, the story slows in pace as new characters are introduced and the build-up to the next conflict begins-


Torsten had the best plotline: having undergone some serious changes, he has to accustom himself to a new position as the conflict continues.

New character Mahra was another treat, but her arc felt a little curtailed with too much left for the next book.

Whitney was fun, but having reformed he's more Whitney-light, while still in the same role, also his story starts off the slowest and doesn't pick up until later, where he runs into old adversary.

Sora - perhaps the big disappointment for me and defintely not what I'd hoped to see from her, considering the revelations in Book 3.

I also don't like the decision to make the Buried Goddess as a two-dimensional villain. There was always some ambiguity in the background about the god feud and who was really at fault. I'd have preferred her to have better intentions and a little more ambuguity in what she's doing and what her goals are beyond 'conquer everything.'

But I'll read the rest and see where it goes.
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4.5 out of 5
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