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Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2020
Thermaltake Smart 500W 80+ White Certified PSU

I replaced the failing PS in my old Dell T1600 file server with this unit about three months ago. The mfr. claims it's ultra quiet, and it must be since it sits on my desk and I can't hear it. In the past, Dell has used non-standard cable connectors along with components of non-standard size. However, this standard ATX PS fit perfectly in the narrow mid-sized tower Dell case where it was installed. The installation was easy with only one complication.

The ATX 12v connection on the old Dell T1600 motherboard requires a 4-pin connector, whereas this PS has an 8-pin connector - described as a 4+4. Every description I could find said this 8-pin connector can be separated into (2) 4-pin connectors and either one could be used on an old MB like mine. There are no markings on that connector and the slick black plastic provided no clues as to how the two pieces separated (even with a magnifying glass). Inexplicably, the install directions and mfr. website also gave no specific instructions on how the two pieces separate.

After several unsuccessful attempts at separating the two sections I decided that before returning the PS, I'd use as much force as I could generate with my bare fingers - and the two sections finally separated. I used enough pressure to turn my fingers white while leaving deep indentations on my fingertips. Apparently, the two sections had simply become stuck during manufacture. I assume most people don't run into this problem but if you do, here's the info you need: grab hold of opposite sides of the connector and push/pull in opposite directions, parallel with the cable wire. If that doesn't work, try the other two opposing sides.

It's only been three months but so far I'm happy with this power supply.
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