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Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2021
The author’s first installment, The Gray Man,” was silly but at least it was entertaining. On Target, though, is just plain bad!

Court Gentry has now morphed into a pill-popping junkie. A former CIA special operative gone rogue (but continues his association with his former government employer as a contractor, of sorts) who never seems to know who he is or what he really wants. Despite the string of tragedies he must endure, all while trying to win the eventual pardon of his CIA lords and masters, he is able to somehow, drug addiction and conflicting morality aside, press on with the absurd kidnapping mission. Yeah, right!

The characters dialogue is terribly sophomoric and filled with what attempts to pass as normal conversation between alpha males during the heat of combat. Having been there, I can say that cute and funny words, especially as rounds are buzzing past your ears and impacting objects all around you, are seldom (if ever) heard.

I had to put this one down before finishing it.

I think Mr. Greaney has the potential to be a first-class writer. He has the tools to be right up there with some of the best in the business, if he spends a bit more time in character development and adult dialogue.

I’ll give the third book in the Gray Man series a look. If, however, it continues along the same vein, I’ll be done with it all. Three strikes and you’re out!
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