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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2015
Not much happens - it's just that simple. A bit of a grudge, some claptrap about the details of a sniper and suddenly I'm underwhelmed. I get the sense that Mr. Child wanted to make a point about something with this book. Well if that's the case, then he muffed it. I wanted it to be better, I kept waiting, but ultimately I finished the book and quite simply forgot about it entirely until I realized when I went through my kindle library that I actually had read it but completely forgot about it. Normally I love to go back though a Reacher story and re-read some of my favorite parts, but I don't have any for this book. I read it again just before his new one came out and even with the benefit of hindsight, and really wanting to like it, I realized that I just going to delete it to make room for something else. I'm never going to go back through and re-read my favorite parts because I have none and there are none. My brother and father feel the same way. I'm really hoping the new book is better otherwise I just lost an old friend.
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