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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2018
I've been a long-time fan of Mr. Myers' books. Purchasing his first book on HTML and CSS was the begining of my web development journey. It sparked something inside of me and since then I have purchased all of his books (JavaScript, jQuery, and now his latest on Python). Every book comes with an awesome set of online exercises that really cements knowledge learned. With each book release the coding exercises have gotten cleaner and more elegant in my opinion.
I recently purchased "A Smarter Way to Learn Python" and I am just flying through it. I got it a few hours ago and I'm already approaching chapter 20 :)
It's like with each book release the writing gets better, the examples more enjoyable–surprising because his first books are already amazing and well written, the coding exercises really encouraging, fun, and progressive–and with the exercises relating to Mark's newest release, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself to a point where I don't want to stop learning and practicing.
I really wish all books dealing with a learned skill were like this.

Just to sum up my story, around the summer of 2015, I was a total newbie at web development, struggling with HTML...HTML! I didn't know how to conjure up a simple website well at all. Didn't quite know how to properly use CSS either.
I purchased his HTML & CSS book and quickly got sucked into it, soon after, I got his JavaScript book. I've Completed both of those and most of his jQuery one. I have found online learning sources as well and now I can develop using HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Angular, NodeJS, PHP, SQL, and I have learned how to apply Git to my projects as well. I've learned Regular Expressions and I'm delving into React, Vue, Express, MongoDB, Java and now Python, among other technologies.
But it all started with Mark Myers first book. I am very grateful for his way of teaching that enables one to learn well with great efficiency.

His Python book is just amazing, it keeps true to his "read a little, practice more" type of learning which really gets the information to stay with you.
I already can't wait for his next book, I wonder what it will be :)
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