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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2018
Ok, it's a decent keyboard. I'm going to break down several elements.

FUNTIONALITY: This is where I encountered issues. Never in my life have I ever had to lubricate a keyboard, and certainly not one practically new out of the box. I was breaking out the teflon spray on q-tip inside of 2 weeks. Like, come on razer... it's a $90 keyboard and you're cutting corners on lube? The stuff they used was way too high viscosity and the keys would stick. Works fantastically and smoother than new when you add a dab of teflon.

RGB LIGHTING: VERY large selection of colors, just about any you can imagine you can select, and individual color coding is awesome for hotkeys across multiple games.

SOFTWARE: ATROCIOUS. just plain BAD. Fine for basic color coding and whatnot, but advanced lighting effects interfere with each other. I tried stacking 2 wave effects in a relatively simple way, and it wouldn't adjust the speed for whichever was on the bottom layer, throwing off the sync.

Other: the wrist rest is COMFY, but extremely delicate. In a few weeks the faux leather coating has already begun to deteriorate. However, I really like the cord management, there are 3 slots under the keyboard for you to direct the wire either left, right, or out the back.

Conclusion: it's a decent keyboard, I like the tactile click despite the issues I've had with lubrication, and not as loud as traditional mechanical switches. That all being said, my next keyboard will be from Corsair. I've been a fan of Razer since they launched, and I've watched the quality of their products slowly but surely deteriorate over time. It's probably time for me to pick a new favorite gaming brand.
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