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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2019
I'm a college student so I don't have access to a singular desk where I would be able to set up shop. Every 6 months I'm moving into a different dorm if not getting a new apartment. So, having a laptop stand that I can pack up with me and that won't take up space -- when I'm not using it -- is pretty critical to me.

The stand can be taken apart in two places and the pieces fit very snuggly with the base plate. It's not a lubricated sliding feeling, which is good for stability. I've pressed a little harder than normal against the stand along the entire frame of the stand and there's little to no flex. After pressing ~7kg of force on one arm, it starts to move. The arm starts to bend around 10kgs of force. With both arms supporting the weight, you'd definitely get more strength. All in all, a perfectly stable stand for a laptop.

The silicone padding is perfect, and it goes all the way to the lip of the arms that prevents the laptop from sliding off the arms. I've always been wary of aluminum laptop stands as most metal laptops are also made of aluminum. This means that an aluminum stand can and (in my experience) does scratch the laptop. The edges of this stand will definitely scratch the laptop if you rub it along the edges, which you'd have to do purposefully as the silicone padding prevents this angle from occurring. If this is an issue for you, sanding the edges and putting electrical or athletic tape would be recommended.

Lastly, the logo on the stand is, well, completely unattractive to me. This might impact your decision, although a little electrical tape, athletic tape, or even a textbook is definitely a good fix here.

TL;dr best portable laptop stand with good stability and an attractive sheen. Has some sharp edges, a stable base, and nice silicone padding to prevent direct contact with the laptop.
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