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Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2018
UPDATE: Since Nvidia now supports the use of G-sync with freesync monitors, this is an additional factor when considering this monitor. While using display port 1.2, I simply switched the (enable G-sync on this monitor for full screen and windowed view) on and hit apply. People it works flawlessly. This is an absolute win for this monitor. No flickers detectable by my eye whatsoever. With this new feature for my Nvidia card now considered, and the price for this monitor in consideration as well, I am now updating my rating to 5 stars. The flawless use of G-SYNC for under $200 USD is simply unbeatable. Don't get me wrong, this monitor still has it's issues (as you will read below), but it is just too diverse of a serious budget gaming monitor to not give it 5 stars.

Wow, I use to be that guy that hated to play on 30 fps when I first went to PC... Never wanted to go back. Then I heard about 144hz and I was under the impression that the eye generally sees at about 60 fps (news flash: I was very wrong). I'm gonna sound like a nut when I say this but it's like if butter was added to your screen, everything is just so smooth. 60 for now sadly feels choppy to me however since my recent revelation. In any case 144fps has helped me play more comfortably, but also has improved my aim since my movement is now more precise and smooth (from what I've noticed in the past 4 days). Edit: (aim is certainly better after months of use).


I cannot speak to freesync as I have an Nvidia card (READ UPDATE AT THE TOP OF THE REVIEW). However, I can speak for the monitors refresh rate at 144hz with practically no ghosting on medium overdrive (the little blurry you see on moving objects). Worked right out of the box, plugged the display port in (to get the full 144hz) and switched power on, no problem. Lots of angle adjustment, which is excellent, but not useful to me (EDIT: ANGLE ADJUSTMENT HAS BECOME PRACTICALLY INVALUABLE TO ME NOW THAT I HAVE MUCH LESS DESK SPACE THAN I USE TO HAVE). The USB hub however is perfect. DO NOTE: the quick charge USB port on the side of the monitors is not a real quick charge as I have tested with my phone. But the charging speed is fairly decent. The hub itself however works fantastically which I have my mouse and keyboard plugged into, more room on my PC now!

MY ONE CON AS OF NOW: Initial color calibration is absolutely utter garbage. The brightness is way too high and the contrast is terrible. Make sure you go into display settings and so color calibration right away, because it truly is garbage... HOWEVER: If you can put up with getting the color adjusted (and note the color is not great as it is a tn pannel (tho note viewing angles are still fairly solid regardless)), this monitor is well worth just shy of $200 USD. I honestly don't think I'll ever go back to gaming on 60hz for first person shooters. It just feels way too clean. Their is no way for me to show you 144hz but try it yourself, and you tell me you want to go back to 60 hz.

VERDICT: Well worth the money if you're willing to take a little while to adjust the colors. Very Happy with my purchase. I also got the 4 year warranty so I will update if I run into and technical issues and I would recommend getting a warranty too, just in case since it is a hefty purchase. (Edit after months of use still no technical issues).
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