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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2018
Update 9/14/18

The first booster died in less than a year. One day trying to use it, I saw it had no charge. I thought someone used it in my absence (no one did). I tried charging it from the 12 V inlet and the 5 V. It wouldn't hold charge and the stay on the red. I had to pay shipping one way and got a new replacement. Mind you, the company has no phone #. Only chat/email (chat not always available). The replacement that came, will go into fault mode after 2 long bursts of cranking. It get hot quicker than it should I guess. I am in the process of replacing it. This time I hope vendor will pay for shipping both ways.

If you own one of those, check it once in a while. Don't wait to find it dead like I did. Lithium batteries should hold charge for long time on the shelf, and I was using this pretty frequently (I work in the trucking industry...)

Original review:
I have semi trucks in my company and this is the only application I am using it for. Two years ago I got a 3500 amp heavy portable booster. This was the only high reviewed product available and it made of two small lead acid batteries stacked together in a plastic enclosure.It could only assist with jumping a semi but I always had to use booster cables (the battery pack could only help reducing the time it take to actually getting enough cranking power to wake the engine to life). Since I got this pack, I had to start two semi in cold temp with dead batteries. I used this with the old battery pack, and cranked the trucks to life. I wonder if this alone would do the job but frankly I didn't try. I will try next time and report back. If no, I will consider buying a send Noco since it's so light and portable, it's nuts!!! Love it!
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