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Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2015
This book made me laugh out loud which is rare.

Ever wonder what it would be like on a starship like the Enterprise? Where the crew members FEAR going on away team missions because someone ALWAYS dies? Or why some bridge crew members get beaten extremely bad once a week only to be in perfect health the next? Or how in the vast expanse of the Universe a terrorist your ship is ordered to stop just so happens to be a former Academy roommate? What are the odds?

Well a group of new crew members slowly come to the conclusion that the high mortality rates and bizarre, extremely unlikely coincidences can only mean one thing: they exist in a very badly written sci-fi TV show and they decide they want out.

Now you might think this is just another GalaxyQuest that spoofs on Star Trek but it isn't.... well it does spoof on Star Trek but it does go a bit beyond that.

If you are looking for a typical Scalzi sci-fi book like the Old Man's War series this isn't it. This book is nothing more than comedy with a small bit of an existential crisis added in. It's funny and a very lighthearted.
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