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Reviewed in the United States on August 24, 2019
The movie was good but it was filled with politically charged, anti gun ignorance as well as some racist innuendos (white country people being racist and it showed the white, gun loving country guy insinuate that the black people couldn't afford his house). The movie makes the assumption that if you own more than 1 gun then you’re crazy. The movie also calls hunting “Bambi killing” and showed the deer hunter acting crazy while killing the deer. A quote from the movie, “no guns on my property, I know what guns do.” The ironic part is, the bad guy with a gun completely whoops 2 people’s asses up until the good guy gets a hold of a gun and kills the intruder. And let’s not forget that the racist, crazy, Bambi killing white guy always wore an all red hat that looks very much like the trump MAGA hat. Anyone involved in politics or today’s culture will think of that hat as soon as they see the thing. You can’t go anywhere or watch hardly anything without having the mainstreams agenda crammed down your throat.
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