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Reviewed in the United States on March 31, 2020
Since purchasing our first home with an outdoor space this is probably our fourth cover we have tried. I normally get 2 seasons out of a cover as it will inevitably rip or turn moldy. Plus most of the covers that I have purchased all promise to be water-proof but after one or two rain/snow storms you can see the water penetration and then my furniture is not protected. I know this as part of my annual process I cut out a piece of plywood that sits on top of my outdoor couches and then the cover is placed over it to ensure that ice and snow don't sag and damage the furniture. So winter #1 on this cover was surprisingly excellent. From our 2nd floor I watched it over the winter and thought I was starting to see the tell-tale indications of moisture penetration. I expected that my ply-wood would be trash by the spring a the moisture would turn to mold. So when I took it off this Spring I was very surprised to see 100% dry wood. It was even a rainy day and when the cover came off I had to quickly put the ply-wood in the garage as it was still dry. The future was protected and the cover after drying off was ready to be folded up and stored until the winter.

I will also say that upon receipt I was skeptical. The company had an old piece of promotional material in the shipment that showed they clearly didn't sell enough to get through their inventory and some of the English phrases were poorly translated. But in the end this is the best cover I've purchased to-date and I expect it to last 3-4 seasons. I will add another review next year after I see how it does in it's second winter. Great job, highly recommend!
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