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Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2012
I'm a big fan of the Red Wall series and I enjoy reading a lot young adult fiction. So when I saw this book that revolved around bats I quite interested. I'm very glad I decide to give it a chance because Sliverwing turned out to be a very fun read.

First of all, this book was extremely well written. The main characters are all very interesting and they all have their own stories to tell. As the protagonist Shade struggles to work his way back to his tribe he comes across many unique characters. Some try to help him like his friend Marina who was cast out from her tribe. Others like Goth, the prince of the royal vampire bat family, just wish use him. As the reader you get to go back and forth between seeing both the stories of Shade and Goth. Its in this sense that I'm very much reminded of the way Red Wall switches between the hero and villain.

Also, the author is very clever with the way he portrays the mythology of the bats. He uses to explain why bats only go out at night and sets up this idea that they have been promised that one day they will be able to go back into the sunlight. Many of the bats believe that the metal bands they have been given by the humans have something to do with this promise. They all have different interpretations of what exactly the bands mean but after Shade finds out his missing father had one he becomes quite jealous and really wishes he would be banded too. As story unfolds Shade, band or no band, becomes quite the brave hero.

To conclude, this was a really enjoyable book. I think anyone who is looking for a fast paced adventure that has something exciting around every corner will have fun reading Silverwing.
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