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Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2013
I implemented this method with my 23.5 month old son after he had started using the potty on his own. He used it mostly for #2, but still urinated in his diaper most of the time and showed no initiative to go on his own. I thought it was time so I blocked 3 days where I planned to stay home. I knew he was familiar with the potty, comfortable with it and I felt he was ready (he had been using it here and there for about 3 weeks). We had shopped for underwear earlier in the week and I had snacks in hand. Saturday morning we got up and we made a big deal about the underwear and the "friend" he would train with (doll). I admit I wasn't sold on the idea of the doll but it was key because it removed so much pressure from my son. Day 1 we had a 50% success rate and I started to doubt the method, but I thought if I'm going to try it I will try it for at least 3 days. My son didn't seem to get the concept of "are you dry?" and he seemed annoyed at my constant questioning. He couldn't even be lured with treats. He would ignore me or say "no!" even though he actually was dry... Day 2 was a new day so with renewed motivation I did the same thing - doll, sippy, is your "friend" dry?, does your "friend" need to pee? etc... I offered incentives for being dry and offered incentives for actually going in the potty. By the end of day 2 he was showing initiative and asking to sit on the potty. He had a dry diaper at nap and only had one accident all day right before bedtime. Day 3 was it... Woke up, same routine again but now when I asked him why he got treats he would tell me it's because he was dry and he would "pat" himself to show me. The emphasis was no longer on actually going in the potty, but on staying dry in between (the why behind the how). He had only one accident that day when he first woke up in the morning but again had a dry diaper at naptime. The rest of the day was perfect and by day 4 he was accustomed to asking every time he had to go and we haven't looked back since. I believe night training will be soon too, since he's already waking up on his own to use the potty. I can't recommend this book enough but it does take discipline from the parents to stick with it for a few days in a row!!!
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