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Reviewed in the United States on May 3, 2018
This has helped me so much. I make my own pasta at home because I love fresh pasta and like to use organic flour and have a higher protein content and more fiber by using a 1/2 unbleached white flour to 1/2 organic whole wheat flour. I also do not use eggs and only a small amount of salt and a dribble of fine extra virgin olive oil. I use my Gourmia pasta amazing and a Marcato Atlas to help me with this formidable task. I sometimes extruded it onto a plate and sometimes the pasta would stick when it boiled and was not perfect. Since I purchased a Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack I have been able to make perfect pasta, since it is separated neatly. The wand I also use for when I make my homemade low fat salad dressings as a pusher to quickly get the dressing down the narrow aperture as it fits down my narrow funnel that fills my dressing bottle. The wand I did not realize would be plastic but it is. It would be nicer in crystal which is why it did not get 5 stars. It does have an opening at the top that is straw-like so it can hold a small amount of water to help with perfect dough making. I feel this would be better if it also has a cap as it is open at the top and then there is more cleaning if used to hold water. The legs which are gorgeous gleaming metal tripods with rubber non skid bottoms sometimes fall down after they are compacted and closed if the unit is placed on its side and then if out displayed it does not look its best. This problem can be solved by the addition of three small thin triangle magnets placed on the underneath part of the plastic that the legs touch neatly when are folded closed and pushed up for storage. I will probably purchase some magnets and do this myself on mine when I fit it in. These wands can also work as giant milkshake stirrers for those who sometimes make giant, healthy super low fat milkshakes like myself. I use my homemade organic soymilk or almond milk and mix with just a little low fat vanilla or other ice cream. Sometimes I add my homemade seltzer and soda syrup for a healthy ice cream soda and me and my spouse also sometimes drink a small one with a little fruit juice mixed in before our breakfast to give us that fruit juice, yummy but healthy and will not get you fat dessert high when we wake up.
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