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Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2016
What the what?!
Just when I think Riordan can't get any better, he proves me wrong. The Son of Neptune was a thrilling, exciting, crazy, and absolutely bizarre adventure, and I loved every second of it.
The way that the chapters are split up between perspectives really works and I love that Riordan continues this through the series. The opportunity to read from several mind sets adds so much depth to the story. I so appreciate Riordan's writing prowess when it comes to this fact; he knew that if such massive books had only one perspective, boredom would endure.
I know that some people complain about the corny writing and jokes made throughout both PJO and HoO, but for me, that's part of the fun of it. The humor that is infused into each book is my favorite part, even if it is corny. I've laughed harder at the Percy Jackson books than any other book series I've read. For example, in this book, I loved the line about "Centurion Shish Kebab," and "The Doors of Me," too.
As much as I love Jason, Piper, and Leo from the debut book of Heroes of Olympus, I love Hazel and Frank just as much. I love that Frank got to unleash his boss side and take down some baddies. Hazel, that girl has some fire in her, and I love it!
As usual, the side characters brought so much to the story. Reyna is growing on me; now there's a boss. Octavian, though. What's that joker up to?
I find New Rome to be such a fascinating place. But one question: why does Rome get an entire city and Greece only gets a camp? This needs to be remedied pronto.
After finishing this book, I have so many questions that need answering!
What happened to Frank's grandmother?
Will the Seven finally be united?
Where is Nico? Is he ok?
Where does Sally Jackson think Percy is?
Who is officially dating whom?
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