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Reviewed in the United States on August 17, 2017
Tips for use:

- IMPORTANT: Get rid of the bubble in the sensor!!! A bubble will throw your readings off and will mess up your calibrations. Simply shake the unit like a mercury/spirit fever thermometer to get rid of the bubble. I wonder how many people have bubbles that are messing up their readings. I did and my goodness that made a big difference!

- IMPORTANT: Stir the probe in the sample to dislodge any bubbles on the OUTSIDE of the sensor, then let it sit for a bit so the temperature measurement stabilized and the pH is compensated.

- DON'T store it submerged, or wet with distilled/di water! That will damage the electrode. Store it either with tap water (with minerals and other "normal stuff") or a 3M KCL solution (this is the better choice).

- Insert the batteries the correct way :-).

- Calibrate FIRST with the 7pH solution, rinse, and THEN calibrate with the 4pH solution. (not sure why, but that seems to be the recommendation for pH probes).
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