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Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2019
If you're a busy CTO, the audiobook is just as excellent as the written one.

Team Topologies highlights the problems your org chart is creating for your software's architecture (and as a result, your business).

To remedy these problems, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais offer a different perspective on org structure in the form of four fundamental team topologies: value stream aligned teams, enabling teams, platform teams, and complicated subsystem teams.

The theory behind these team structures is chiefly built upon the premise of the Inverse Conway Maneuver, which "recommends evolving your team and organizational structure to promote your desired architecture."
Ideally, this would require skilled software architects also be the architects of the teams in order to - for example - develop well-defined team APIs since software architects are already expected to be masters of API development.

Additionally, the concepts of developing sensing organizations, using Domain Driven Design to identify fracture planes, and managing a team's cognitive load are dissected to explain how to effectively structure high-performing teams.

If you have read and implemented the practices espoused in Project to Product, the Devops Handbook, and Accelerate but are still encountering communication bottlenecks and problems with scaling your existing team structures to meet product demands, then I highly recommend Team Topologies.
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