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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2014
This could have been a fun read but the plot was so unrealistic that a lot of the fun was spoiled. Mary Bliss' husband leaves her and she goes to extreme lengths to make the money to keep her daughter (who she mostly ignores throughout the story until the end) in private school. It's very southern in that non-white people are denigrated. One character says to another, seriously, not in a manner of enlightenment or irony: white people in this town don't get arrested. Mary Bliss' mother-in-law is a total racist and everyone seems to take it stride - not being Southern, maybe that is what they do in the south. But the most disturbing thing for me was how she ignored her daughter, even allowing her to go to an overnight soccer thing without checking at all and then later goes through her car looking for evidence of her daughter's wrongdoing, all the while lying to her about her father.
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