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Reviewed in the United States on November 15, 2016
I purchased this tool to help with the installation of a new dishwasher in our kitchen.

Since there are many companies out there who make oscillating multi-tools, I should point out that I did not purchase the DeWalt based on any comparison of other brands vs. this, so much as ‘DeWalt brand loyalty’. I have a collection of various DeWalt tools from the 20V MAX system so my motivation for purchasing the DeWalt was because I already have the batteries and chargers from other tools.

That said, like all my DeWalt tools the build quality seems excellent and the tool has a reassuring and solid feel to it. Blade installation using the quick-release lever is great (just a few seconds), and does not require any other tools. I also really like the ‘soft start’ trigger which allows the tool to start up very slowly if the trigger is only gently squeezed, as this helps ensure an accurate start to a cut without risking the tool skidding across the surface.

Our new dishwasher required an opening in the side panel of the kitchen cabinet next to it to allow for water, drain and electrical connections. Furthermore, the dishwasher needed to be pushed almost flush to the wall to prevent the front of it sticking out beyond the front lip of our worktop, which meant having to try to cut out a hole flush with the back and floor panels of the kitchen cabinet. After trying to do this manually for a few minutes with a small pocket saw and scrubbing my hands against the back of the cabinet, I realized ‘life is too short’ and went ahead and purchased this tool.

In the end, this proved to be the perfect tool for the job since no other type of tool can cut a straight hole into a wooden side panel right up against corner (a multi-tool can, due to its offset blade design). I don’t know how long I might have spent trying to fumble around cutting that hole by hand, but with this DeWalt tool the whole job was over in a couple of minutes. A nice neat hole, perfect edges, and exactly where I wanted it.

One mildly annoying discovery was that even the bare tool that I purchased does comes with blades. It was not apparent from the pictures on Amazon that this was the case, and so I also purchased the DEWALT DWA4216 5-Piece Oscillating Accessory Kit. In the end, this was a needless purchase, because all I really needed was at least one blade, and the bare tool does come with blades.

A friend of mine who does woodworking jobs in his own home came to visit recently and I showed him this tool. One comment he made was that the DeWalt was very quiet and refined compared to the noise of other multi-tools he had seen and used in the past. I admit this is a completely subjective statement, and it wasn’t even me that had the experience of other brands to compare against, but I thought I’d mention his comments if that helps at all.

Although this may seem like an extravagant purchase for one kitchen appliance installation job, I have already identified other jobs I can now do with this tool that would otherwise have been done (in a much longer time) by hand.
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