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Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2007
Sookie Stackhouse is pleasantly surprised when her brother's first change at the full moon into a panther goes so well. He seems to have really enjoyed it and she is relieved to know for sure that he is not suicidal; a worry she has had since they had learned he had been bitten and 'contaminated'. But just as she starts to relax, a few of her shape shifting friends get hit by a sniper, leaving one dead. Her brother's new panther family seems to suspect him, Sookie vows to find the real predator before the next full moon.

Eric, sheriff of the vampires, sends his new bartender, Charles, to help Sookie and Sam at Merlotte's, until things settle down. Charles is a charismatic pirate looking vampire, with an eye patch and everything. When trouble hits Sookie at home, Charles is there to help, along with Claudine, the mesmerizing faerie who made her debut in the previous book, Dead to the World.

Sookie's world seems to be in complete chaos. Her friend Tara is causing some concern, Alcide comes around when there is an upheaval in the werewolf community. Sookie has her hands full with her problems, her brother, Tara, the sniper, and werewolf issues. Sookie is newly single and has her pick of the Supernatural litter; a werewolf, a panther, 2 vampires and a shape shifter. How lucky can one telepath get?

Charlaine Harris writes another fast paced story filled with surprises and energy. The plot is exciting and the characters are engaging. I like the new characters she introduces and enjoy seeing the familiar faces from the past books. Ms. Harris has a wonderful imagination and she has completely captivated mine.
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