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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2020
I just bought this product and when I attempted to activate it it came up as an error and informed me to call an 866 number from a company named IDA to activate my Roku. I was informed that there was a one time activation fee of $69.99. I informed him that nothing on Amazon stated that there are activation fees and I refused to pay it. This 866 number popped up on my screen during the activation process appearing to be legit. He told me this was an independent company working for Roku. I said BS and hung up. I then contacted Roku's website directly and activated without any further problems. Please be careful and do not fall for their nonsense. It even states on Roku's screen that they will never charge for activation or updates. Amazon should look into this since it will create a lot of ill will towards Amazon. If the 866 number comes up during activation do not call. Go to Roku's website and enter code and it will be activated at no charge.
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