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Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2014
[Writing on an iPad is difficult for me. I need a real keyboard to feel comfortable. So I will probably revisit this from my PC ... And a day later, that is exactly what I've done!]

Lee Child is a rare author, in that he just keeps on getting better, as The Beatles said, "It's getting better all the time ... Better! Better!"

Personal is a perfect example, because Lee Child simply does not repeat his plots or characters, except for Reacher. Reacher is an amazingly capable hunter, sleuth, and warrior. But lest you think that Reacher never changes, think again. He is constantly evolving, based upon the circumstances in which he finds himself - both within each book, or from one book to the next.

His mind is often like a calculator with math problems, and with logic, while his personality seems to prevent him from acting like he knows how smart he is, compared to the bad guys. Call it humility? Truly I am not sure but this 'talent' also continues to evolve.

Additionally, Lee Child's plot development continue to take evolve; he puts in these swift turns, just when you least expect, to bring out a bit more edge of your seat suspense.

As an aside, I especially loved Reacher being given the nickname "Sherlock Homeless!" Really, isn't it fitting?

Buy it; borrow it ... but READ this one. It'll knock your socks off!

[Speaking of knocking your socks off ... try a novel from a new writer, CG Cooper. His series of novels, based upon a former Marine and his friends and colleagues, is another fine example of a writer who continues to grow. Try his "Corps Justice" series. If you enjoy Lee Childs, you might also enjoy CG Cooper.]
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