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Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2016
Ugly. When this was released I was totally perplexed and almost angry because it seemed so pared down and ugly. I love handhelds and have had every itteration of the Game Boy Nintendo has ever made...some seemed mediocre and others great. The original 3ds I got at launch was not comfortable to hold for long periods until I added the Nerf armor which made it larger. My 3ds xl is the perfect handheld for me.....hundreds of hours on the system and it has held up very well. It also has a ton of downloaded games on it (which sometimes causes me to leave it home rather than risk damage or theft). I got a great deal on the 2ds, used BUT after spending just a few days with it, I decided it is one of my favorites.
I am like many people who rarely use the 3ds option. I found it completely nauseating on the original 3ds and only slightly better with the larger 3ds xl screens. So, if 3d isn't important to you, this is a great system period. 3ds xl in comparrison feels much heavier after playing for an hour or more. I am including this side by side picture of the size difference when the 3ds xl is open. The 2ds feels really comfortable for longer play to me and if you like or have or want games that use those shoulder buttons a lot it is a winner....very good size, comfortable and responsive. Mario Kart 7 is a blast on it. The lack of stereo from the one speaker doesn't really bother me....if I want stereo I plug in my headphones. The 2ds reminds me of the Game Boy because it is large. I am a big fan of the clamshell designs BUT there is no hinge here to get loose or break AND nothing wiggles and jiggles while playing race, fighting, or other games where you might have a tendency to jostle the system around some. That alone makes it unique and fun....I don't feel I need to be as careful with it, either. This system feels solid. I don't have a problem with these small screens since there is no floppy hinge. I do suggest screen protectors and a case. This will fit in cargo pants pockets and maybe the back pocket of guy's jeans. With the new price drop, I think everyone should consider it because it is a great system and the library of ds and 3ds games is incredible. I actually recommend this system over 3ds xl....the price point is SO much better it makes this a must have and I have been totally satisfied with mine. Hope you enjoy yours.
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