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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2017
I'm going to run down a list of jobs I did with these gloves.

1. Chopped down a tree
2. Dug out the stump.
2. Thatched my yard to clear 20 years of debris from said tree that had never been cleaned up.
3. Moved 1200 lbs of cinder blocks from the hardware store and then used them to create a stand for my water barrels.
4. Moved over a ton of paver stones and then installing a paver area. The sand bedding did a number on the gloves, but they persevered.
5. Replaced some existing pavers that didn't have an adequate footing or weed strip.
5. Removed four bushes
6. Painted my exterior trim.
7. Sanded and repainted my front door.
8. Laid down asphalt

The asphalt is what did them in.

Now I would probably not consider these professional gloves. A professional landscaper would probably have to replace them at least once a month. But you have to figure a total cost basis. Work gloves wear out, and these are less than $10.

I like them for a few reasons. When I first got them, they felt a little tight. However, they didn't hamper my manual dexterity much, and that made the tightness very easy to overcome. They stretch just a little bit, and they maintained that stretchiness throughout the life of the gloves.

The fingertips eventually gave out probably because I was wearing them when prying at a lump of asphalt. I think I got my $10 worth, and I'll be ordering another pair.
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