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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2019
Reading this never ending book of horror and deprivation is liken to watching a train wreck that never stops. This has been the hardest and most difficult book I have ever read. I think the author made a big mistake by graphically describing almost every horrific event in this family's history. I kept thinking ''Is this book ever going to end".
Surely someone must have reported or seen this house of horrors. It is very hard to believe the school or other kids in the school might not have mentioned to an adult that something looked off with these terrorized children. And where were these "united sisters" when they asked the younger sister to "tough it out for another four years" before leaving even though they knew their parents were murderes? It becomes difficult to even that believe that all these cruel and perverted events actually happened.
I forced myself to finish this book because I had already invested a lot of time in it and wanted to see the parents finally get their just rewards.
I was very disturbed to see, that in my opinion, justice was not served because both parents are either out of prison or will be shortly instead of the rest of their lives in life in prison without parole.
I feel very sorry for the murder victim's families who will forever have to live with the cruel and merciless deaths imposed on their loved ones and without any satisfaction for retribution.
This is the sickest book I have ever had the misfortune to read
I would never read another book by this author!
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