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Reviewed in the United States on March 7, 2017
With Hemingway it is in the details. I never really understood his stories for the longest time. I always just saw him pointing out everything and saying nothing. Making a story out of the little things that to everyone else mean very little. But Life is about the little details and about the subtle nuances. About the cab, about the stories of the characters before and after and during the novels. That he doesn't limit the novel to the story he is telling is an asset that is overlooked. At any point you can follow a character off into another network of complex and thoughtful stories. The audio book does not give Hemingway the justice his novels deserve. They are drab and boring to the point I was confused how he was a celebrated author, then I realized it was the audiobook and the narrators misunderstanding of Hemingway. Read Hemingway with the persistant question: why are the details and the small things in life a story unto its own. Especially in the context of a man who has seen his friends butchered and who himself has nearly been killed. Life takes on another type of beauty that critics cannot ever know.
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