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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2020
The stuffed monkey is kind of huge. It is cute and very soft, and the harness can be adjusted to be very secure. The leash is quite short.

My main problem with it is that my (14 month old) son can't sit on any stroller or chair with a back while wearing it because the monkey is so bulky. That makes it less useful because he isn't excited about wearing it and taking it on and off reminds him it's there. Not to mention the non convenience of having to take it on and off in and of itself.

Limitation to this review: Because of the aforementioned problem and my son's drunken sailor beginning walker gait, I have never actually used it for its intended purpose, so I'm not sure how good the placement of the clip attaching the leash is. I was afraid of tipping him over and really causing him to hate it. He's a month older and steadier than when I got it so it might be worth a shot.

09/22/20 Update
I have now taken my almost 16-month-old on walks around the block three times and am rather impressed. The harness is in a good spot for not yanking him off his feet when he runs out of leash charging for the street. And the huge stuffed monkey is great for when he throws a fit that he can't go forward anymore. (He only did that once, but still.) Between the monkey and the leash, I managed to prevent him from hitting his head on the concrete! And he doesn't mind wearing it! Phew.

I further note that when he is contained in the backyard fence before I take his monkey off, I can squish the leash into the pocket of the monkey so he doesn't trip over it. But I don't use the leash that came with the monkey because it is too short. I got a leash with a toddler backpack I got earlier which is about a foot longer and use that.
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