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Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2011
I found this book to be of great help. My problem was I was turning the shoulders too shallow and thinking about hip action, foot action, etc. all during the swing.
Once I concentrated on the should turn, a little steeper and a full 90 degrees and forgot about the arms, hands, hips, etc. I could once again get consistency out of my shots. Try this and concentrate on the proper shoulder turn and forget everything else and keep your hips quiet and let them just follow as they normally will and I believe you will see some great improvements. You will need to practice and get used to this swing key but it is well worth the effort and you will find you are not thinking about all the other things taught and your mind will be free and your plane much better. As Tamayo stated, if you have a faulty grip, setup, etc., this will not make you a scratch golfer but it will make you more consistent. They you can fix your grip and setup.
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