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Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2018
This is a very, very good new novel from Mr. Thor. Completely aligned with the current headlines political issues. It is somewhat frightening in that Mr. Thor seems to have a better grip on global geopolitics than any of our current elected representatives. Spy Master tugs at the frightening and still unresolved issues at the heart of the U.S. intelligence community, and raises the critical question of whether our current government agencies are still capable of competing in the modern world of espionage. I think that, ultimately, his answer is that they cannot. I have no background in intelligence ops, but I tend to agree, based on a lot of reading I have done. In my mind, the question that hangs over this novel is whether the Blackwater (now named something else) model is any better? What about accountability. The crux of the Horvath novels is that he, alone (with a competent but small team of specialists) can reliably solve world-shaking issues. I'm not sure that is realistic. But this makes for a great novel! Many of us have seen the video of contractors shooting innocent (?) people from a helicopter in Iraq and laughing about it. Perhaps they weren't all innocent, but the ones attempting to rescue the wounded didn't deserve to be obliterated by gunfire. In our current asymmetric warfare endeavors, which are ongoing in about 133 countries, the boundary between aggressor and defender is nebulous. This concerns me greatly, because our incursion into so many countries, especially in Africa, is not making us any friends. Just review history to see how previous interference in other countries' affairs has worked out for us.

OK, enough political stuff. Back to the novel. I bonded with the characters, especially the new addition, Jasinski, and, although the novel was too long for me to read in one sitting, I definitely wanted to! I would say that this is one of Thor's best. Warning: here is a cliff-hanger ending. But that only means that we can at least expect one more novel featuring Scot Horvath.
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