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Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2019
I bought these pans after a lot of research because I wanted the quality of stainless steel, but I was not quite ready for the price tag of all-clad cookware. This set has exceeded my expectations!

First, I was hesitant about this set due to the comments about food sticking and the pans getting a weird residue over time. I have cooked with this set for almost 5 months now and I can cook scrambled eggs (with cheese mind you) AND with a rubber spatula and not have them stick (see photo for what the pan looked like after the eggs). On the other hand, I have had scrambled eggs stick horribly on the same pan. The difference has been letting the pan preheat to the correct temperature. I cannot emphasize that enough. These pans are very efficient at retaining heat and thus transferring heat evenly. I let it preheat with oil for about 5-7 minutes on the 2 setting (see picture of stove for reference) before putting food in the pan. If I am too impatient and don't let it preheat all the way, the food sticks. You run the risk of warping the pan by using too high of heat, not to mention burning your food. However, with that being said boiling a pot of water on high heat is ok because the water absorbs the heat and protects the pan from warping. Once you find the sweet spot for your own stove, these pans are awesome.

About the residue, yes I have gotten that a few times. I purchased Bar keepers friend and scratch free scrubbies and it comes off in seconds. I do that before putting them in the dishwasher and it is not an issue. The residue seems to come only after certain foods or burning things, so I don't need to do it every time I wash them, but it makes me feel good inside so I still do it.

Also, the pouring feature legitimately makes a huge difference. No more drips.
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