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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2019
I have zero background in CAD/CAM software. I tried to watch some Youtube videos but they are scattered all over the place and while you can pick up a technique here or there...what I really needed was a book that started from the start. I also signed up for some udemy classes on CAD/CAM figuring a video would be easier than a book. I was wrong. But I will also say this..."This book isn't easy." I mean sometimes I would spend 3 to 4 hours trying to figure out how to do two problems at the back of one chapter. I have what I would call "average brains" so perhaps a lot of people could whizz right through these exercises at the back of the book. But I stuck with it and although I am only half way through the book, I feel I have went through enough of it to be able to give an honest review. The book follows the same theme throughout. So far it has basically gone through each feature in fusion 360. (ie. The line tool, how to use the sweep tool, how to off set a plane). I feel I am slowly learning it. Am I good at it yet? No, not at all but this is some seriously complicated software and you will not under any circumstances master it after reading one book. What I have been doing is reading the book every day. Taking my time and opening up each tool and trying to do the things he is talking about. If you just read right though will never get it. If he shows you how to do an offset plane on one page...stop...make a sketch of a square....extrude it...then make an offset plane and see what it looks it works so you can actually physically do it. Those are my suggestions from a 48 year old man with average brains. This is a great book that will teach you a great deal. It won't teach you ever last thing you ever needed to know about Fusion 360 but it's an very very good place to start.
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