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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2018
NOTE: This review is for the 27" 144hz Curved Freesync. So don't read it if that isn't what you're considering. There are important differences in the models and features.

Regarding refresh rate:
As long as you have a powerful enough graphics card (you must research this first), and HDMI 1.4 or 2.0, and your PC recognizes this monitor (via installing drivers), then it should definitely display the 144hz for you. I had been using integrated graphics on an older PC, and it wouldn't output higher than 60Hz... but once I installed my GTX 1060 6GB card on my new PC, it instantly displayed at 144hz. And for ANYONE who claims that 144Hz is overkill unless you're a serious gamer, I have news for you: 144hz LOOKS WAY NICER, EVEN IF YOU AREN'T A GAMER. I had been using 60Hz forever, and the difference was immediate. I feel less eye strain for sure, and I definitely notice silky smooth mouse movements and scrolling. So if you're teetering on the fence about the 75hz model vs 144hz, I'd recommend just going for 144hz. Especially if you spend long hours in front of your screen.

Regarding response time:
DO NOT pay attention to the "most helpful poor review" here claiming that this monitor has an incorrectly advertised response rate. There is no false advertising about its advertised 5ms response time. However, its TYPICAL response time is actually 21ms (and they don't lie about this either; it's directly in the specifications), and that is what it is defaulted to. So if you want the 5ms response time, simply go into the settings on the monitor and change the Response Time to "ultra fast." There are 3 speeds, and "normal" is the slowest, at 21ms.

Regarding speakers:
They're decent, but if you're planning on routing the audio from either the line-in or headphone jack, be aware that it doesn't have a strong output -- I had to max the speaker volume to get much sound out of it. Probably better to get your sound from elsewhere.

Display quality:
I'm not experienced in monitors, so I don' have much to compare this to in terms of objective viewing experience quality, but as an average user, I can say that HD movies look amazing, and I've been playing my Nintendo Switch games on it beautifully. (And as I said earlier, the 144Hz for PC is a joy on the eyes -- but the Switch only goes up to 60Hz). The surface is a matte finish, and there is no glare because it has an anti-glare coating. The curve is pretty minor at 1800R, so you have to be fairly close to it in order to feel immersed in what you're watching, or games. Viewing angles are great... I haven't noticed myself having to re-position myself or the monitor due to the colors looking off.

Display options and versatility:
This is the monitor's strong point, by far. Maybe it's because I'm a nerd. I LOVE the variety of "view modes" that this monitor offers. There are a whopping 7 presets for viewing experiences, and 2 of those are "gaming" and "standard" which EACH have an additional 5-6 features for custom display features. Mostly, these have to do with contrast and black stabilization (making the blacks more black and whites more white). Speaking of contrast, this monitor's strong point is excellent contrast, since it uses MVA panel technology. It also offers tons of color options and presets too, including the blue light filter for easing eye strain. Also helpful to reduce eyestrain is the fact that the monitor utilizes DC backlighting rather than PWM, (it's "flicker-free") which minimizes eyestrain as well. These two features are part of its touted "eye care" technology.

Also worth noting, it arrived in perfect condition in a sealed box. Setup was ridiculously easy. The monitor cannot be raised or lowered any higher, and nope: there is no VESA mount on the back for this model.

I'll be updating this as I gain more experience and understanding about monitor technology, and my overall experience with it.
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