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Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2017
Such a frustrating book! Repeats the importance of key requirements that must be mastered in order to induce life changing states of mind such as reaching alpha/theta/delta brain waves, reaching elevated states of emotion, creating correct heart rate variance, changing focus from the past/future to the now, BUT NEVER EXPLAINS HOW TO DO SO! His instruction for creating each key requirement is through the practice of some kind of meditation, which was the exact purpose in buying the book! To learn how to master these key requirements in order to improve my ability to meditate to begin with! At best, he gives passive anecdotal references to these foundational requirements in obscure locations peppered throughout the book.

My greatest frustration comes from the fact that he seems absolutely genuine in his intentions, and seems to honestly have a map that has effected amazing change in people. But completely fails to clearly teach searching individuals how to acquire, develop, and practice the basic skills needed in order to apply the much bigger concepts that he explains in such great detail.
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