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Reviewed in the United States on February 22, 2019
Okay, let's see if Amazon will let me cross post this comparison review, since I bought both products and these are all my words:

I purchased both the beach towel sized Rainleaf rainbow microfiber towel (40in x 70in) and the Youphoria hiking microfiber body towel (28in x 56in). I do a lot of road-trips/ traveling and also want to start backpacking, so my concerns are size, weight, packability and functionality. Here goes:

For backpacking, where every single ounce of weight and cubic inch of space matters, I will definitely be using my Youphoria instead, and probably leave my rainleaf at home. The youphoria is about half the weight, and packed down it is half the size of the rainleaf. In backpacking, you cut down on a lot of luxury, but I am very happy that the youphoria is big enough to wrap around myself to cover everything that matters and tuck into itself (I am a woman weighing 140lbs, 5'4", of average build). Standing straight with both arms at my sides and the youphoria around me, it reaches from my armpits to my fingertips and overlaps itself around my waist about 8 inches. The rainleaf does this to a much more luxurious extent, reaching from my armpits to mid-calf-height, and overlapping itself by 22 inches. I also washed them together and set them out to airdry for several hours (didn't time it), and found the youphoria to dry a bit faster. I expect that in a backpacking situation where the towel is attached unfurled to your bag to dry while hiking, the youphoria would be a convenient size whereas the rainleaf would be much too large and hang low/ get in the way. Other reviews said the big rainleaf can double as a blanket, but I personally feel it is only minimally warm (the thick material is soft and comfortable as a towel, but really doesn't conform well to the body for trapping heat). I would never intend to use this as a blanket and it would be little help as such in a cold-weather emergency.

For roadtrips and other travel where you do not have to carry everything you own for +5 miles a day without a basecamp to leave stuff at, the Rainleaf is great and will be my pick for any beach/pool/SCUBA diving/ Kayaking type trips. It is heavier than my Youphoria and takes up about the space of 2 12oz plastic water bottles, but rolled up the Rainleaf is still smaller than my smallest regular towel and weighs about as much as a paperback book. I love that it is long enough to lay my entire body on without my toes or head reaching past the edge and wide enough to comfortably share with a significant other. The rainleaf is beautiful on both sides (bright rainbow on one side and midnight purple on the other) and if I want to hide the logo I can just lay on that part or make it the overlapping part when the towel is around me. I would not want to use my small, boring (plain gray) youphoria at the beach, as there would not be enough room for one person to sunbathe without their feet in the sand, and it is too narrow to share. If I just came out of the water feel cold, I would prefer the Rainleaf's larger surface to dry me and block wind over the sparser coverage of the Youphoria.

Other notes: I am really impressed with Youphoria's customer service and mission as a small company. The Youphoria has a hanging loop with a snap sewn onto a corner for drying while the rainleaf does not, but corner-to-corner across the towels are both too long to hang in this manner anyway without dragging on the ground, so it is all the same to me. I will just use a binder clip or other method to secure the towels along the center of their long edge if I need to clip them up to dry. Both towels come in a variety of solid colors and you can also select hem color in the Youphoria- as far a I can tell the only printed option between them is the rainbow Rainleaf.

Overall, I am very happy with both towels and I hope you find this review helpful!
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