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Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2017
The user guide is in English and can now be found easily on Samsung's web page.
Last week I had to hunt for it.
Though the camera has a bluetooth symbol on it and the manual mentions connecting via Bluetooth, it does not connect that way.
Only wifi. Hardly a deal breaker but I wonder what I'm missing.
Google Street View App does not see this camera yet, probably because version Gear360 ver1 connects via Bluetooth.
The software for ios is buggy.
The camera frequently crashes while trying to transfer video files over to the iphone for viewing.
Picture transfer generally works but will crash after a few picture transfers, either for viewing or saving to the iphone.
Transferring to a PC desktop works flawlessly and is recommended since the file will not be truncated. Photos look best when viewed on the desktop. Picture quality is a good as can be expected for a 4K photo that is including an entire sphere of information.
No doubt as good as it gets for May 2017
Snapping a single picture that captures everything is outstanding compared to 18? pictures with google Street view app.
A tripod is a must, otherwise you are going to see your thumb.
The cute little camera could use a skirt to prevent that.
You are going to look like Bender from Futurama wearing this on your helmet but hey, that ain't so bad.
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