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Reviewed in the United States on September 12, 2019
I had a four 4 foot tube fluorescent fixture in the kitchen that failed due to the ballast. It was more an industrial fixture than a kitchen fixture. So my wife and I went shopping and found a contemporary LED fixture which we bought and had installed (10 ft ceiling. 8 ft ladder and just before I turned 69 yrs old with an ongoing balance problem from a 2012 surgery.). But I need a large large light fixture in the garage (8 ft ceiling). So I got the information form the existing ballast and found a replacement electronic ballast (the old one is magnetic) on the ballast manufacturer's website and found a replacement. I then looked on Amazon for the replacement, found it, ordered it and received it. The new ballast has a much improved wiring design. It probably took no more than 15 minutes to install the new ballast. (I had already removed the old ballast prior to ordering the new one.) Plugged the fixture into a socket, no light. Unplugged and switched two wires and plugged the fixture back into the socket. SUCCESS! Easy peasy if you have any kind of mechanical skills. Electrical skills not really required but minimal electrical knowledge is helpful. If you are color blind you may have problems changing the ballast or connecting the fixture to the existing wiring. Colors on the ballast wiring to the fluorescent tube sockets are Red, Blue and Yellow. Colors on the ballast wiring to the power wiring are Black (power), White (neutral) and Green (ground), standard NEC 110 Volt wiring colors. NOTE: instead of fluorescent tubes (which contain a small amount of mercury) you can usually buy LED tubes that fit your fixture and provided the same amount of light as the fluorescent tubes but they last much, much longer. That is what I have in the fixture where I replaced the ballast. Uses even less power than the fluorescent tubes and lasts longer. Search Amazon for the LED tube equivalent to you fluorescent tubes. The install just like the fluorescent tubes.
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