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Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2017
My wife has been chronically ill for over five years. She got sick during the latter portion of our engagement. She was 23 years old when we got married. After a year of doctors visits they diagnosed her with Epstein-Barr and discovered she also had a parasite from when she had traveled abroad before we got married. Even after clearing these up, she was left with the blanket ‘chronic fatigue’ diagnosis. We’ve spent five years going to medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropracter’s and homeopathic practitioners. We have spent tens of thousands of dollars on all these treatments, and to marginal success.

Everything changed six months ago when a family member recommended this book. I read it and listened to it (via Audible). I told my wife it appeared to be fit her symptoms, and we couldn’t see any harm in giving it a shot. We had thought we were eating healthy before, but Dr Axe had an approach to healthy eating that, although not exactly radical, was still different than what we had been previously exposed to. So we decided to give it a try.

Within two weeks we saw a dramatic difference. Within a month we saw more improvement than we had seen in the last five years. Six months later my wife is her old self again. In fact, we think she may actually have more energy now than she did before she originally got sick.

Now, it’s to be noted that we have not reincorporated wheat, cows dairy, refined sugar or refined oils back into our diet yet. We are intending to gradually reintroduce and she how she responds. Perhaps I will give an updated review at that point. But I will say this with absolutely sincerity: This book has done more for my wife than any doctor, chiropractor, naturopath or homeopathic practitioner. It was worth more than the tens of thousands of dollars we’ve cumulatively spent on all of them. I’m not a healthcare provider and I won’t pretend to be. But I do believe the ‘proof is in the pudding’ as it were. I hope this expression of appreciation works it’s way to the author of this book. Please feel free to use it or message me to give a more thorough testimonial. Because it’s, quite literally, the least we can do for how much we have gained from your work. After five years we have our life back. Thank you very, very much.
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