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Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2020
I gave this two stars. Maybe I should have given it 3 to be fair. Okay, I changed that. I read most of Wilson's previous book, but just a bit of this one. Most of the other reviews are more knowledgeable about politics, even.

One other reviewer said this book will annoy people, and it what I found in it didn't annoy me. It deeply disturbed me.

Let me me first acknowledge that Wilson is one nasty S. O. B., something he'd likely take as a compliment.

He's got a really biting writing style, and is probably a great satirist. Just calling a spade a spade.

Let me also say that I had no part in Trump residing in the White House. I thought both candidates stunk. What made me start supporting Trump is the fanaticism of the Left the rioting in the streets against a fairly elected president. But most of all the attacks against his family.

And I'll cut to the chase: This is what Wilson believes in. He does it himself. And he recomends that his fellow anti-Trumpers do it, as though many of them hadn't been doing that all along.

I don't remember the page, but he says, to paraphrase : "I'd leave Barron out of it, but the moment he [meaning Trump himself] goes after your family, anything is fair game." In other words, he believes in political mudslinging at young children ( under certain circumstances, but he still believes in it) and technically, this would even include the grandchildren. In other words, he believes in punishing the innocent for the sins of the guilty, since it's clear in such a scenario the only guilty one is Trump. In every case when I've met someone who believed in attacking Barron, it was always "too wrongs make a right", and they did not mention a thing Barron actually did. Only Trump and some bigoted right wingers. Heck, Barron hardly even speaks!

Tell the truth, I've never heard, of Trump going after anybody's kids. Unless we're talking about Joe Biden's son in that Ukraine thing. I vaguely remember him mentioning someone's wife in the 2016 campaign, and it didn't seem much like an attack. I've seen far, far more attacks on the president and even his family by his opponents than the other way round.

I don't see Trump himself as monstrous and evil, like Wilson and others see him as, and I don't understand why people do. I haven't read all of Trump's tweets, so I really don't know everyone he's attacked for sure.

But that doesn't matter for the moral argument here: Even if Trump is every bit as morally awful as Wilson says he is, scapegoating someone who isn't the POTUS is still scapegoating, and that's all it is.

Wilson clearly has no qualms at all about going after the adults in Trump's family. He recomends going after Melania, if Trump insults your wife. Wilson levels an insult at Trump's wife himself while making this argument. He gives insulting names to Trump's grown children, such as "Facist Barbie". I assume he's talking about Ivanka here: they seem to hate her above all other family members save Trump himself, for some reason. Tiffany just gets ignored. Anyway, unless Trump made some comment against Wilson's family, Wilson is the one drawing first blood here.

Why does Wilson believe that this is the morally right course of of action--and he doe,s or wouldn't be doing it himself--?

I doubt you can actually PROVE that two wrongs do or don't make a right. The fact that Wilson advises "decency is your enemy" says, well, he doesn't believe in decency. Or he doesn't think "decency" will be a winning strategy against Trump. Or both. To be more accurate, he's saying decency=weakness. I'd use the words "justice" or "morality" instead of "decency" in this context anyway. What Wilson recomends is worse than being indecent--far worse in my opinion.

If this kind of thing is really a winning strategy, it still doesn't make it moral or just, so I don't care at all.

Still, I can't see that it's going to accomplish anything other than to make Trump's opponents look like jerks. I can't see it winning them the White House. It seems the Leftists generally have adopted a "No More Mr. Nice Guy" strategy since Trump won--as though they were defeated as a result of being too "nice". They were too overbearing in their imposition of political correctness, something Wilson, strangely enough, seems to understand. Trump's playing hardball with his opponents likely did help him win because of this, but it's doubtful his foes can beat him by doing the same thing (or worse, as Wilson seems to suggests). The Left isn't in the same position.

I think this is the first time I've read an argument in a hardcover book actually recommending this type of behavior on the part of anti-Trumpers. This type of thing makes me wish Trump wasn't in the White House either. There's plenty not to cheer for Trump alright--if hadn't run his family wouldn't be under attack. That's one reason I won't be terribly broken up if he loses.
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