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Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2020
Not a fan. No where near as valuable as books like 5 Languages of Love. The first 3rd of the book is the author repeatedly explaining because of his "studies" and "the love lab" why he has all the answers and can predict divorce in 15 minutes. that he can better analyze a couples chance for success than anyone because... "science". It read like a late night infomercial for My Pillow.

I struggled to get to the actual principles without being annoyed by the presentation and when I did found them to be underwhelming. For someone who claims he has all the answers it seems like the same things others except reworded and blostered by "I know this because I observed the couple in the Love Lab while they wore heart monitors". Probably won't finish the book and will re-read 5 Languages instead which I found much better written, more about love and intimacy and less about braggadocios non-peer reviewed "science".
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