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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2018
I'm a redhead with pale skin and light see thru hair on my arms and face. I'm a makeup artist and kept hearing from others about face shaving (dermaplanning) how it makes the makeup look better and skin glowy and decided why not, let's try it! And I'm so impressed! I wish I had a picture as I was using the tool how much white peach fuzz came off in small strokes! I loved the eyebrow tool, couldn't have shaped the brow without it! Its important to properly cleanse before using as you will be opening up your pores in the process for exfoliating, some of the reviews said they broke out and I imagine its bc they didnt properly cleanse. I washed my face and patted dry then used the product and rinsed with cold water and washed my hands with antibacterial soap. Then applied toner, serum and a high quality moisturizer. From research, they rec. Not wearing makeup the day you use this and gently cleanse and moisturize. So thats what I did! I dipped the blade in rubbing alcohol to sanitize after using. I don't know how some reviews said they cut theirselves with this tool, I was nervous to try this bc of said reviews but honestly no. Hold the tool at a 45 degree angle, make small strokes downward and hold the skin taut on the area you are doing. There's not way your going to draw blood. Good luck and give it a try!
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