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Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2019
Dark secrets abound as a body washes up on the island’s state park beach and for Deputy Tessa Black, another murder has occurred and it’s a race against the clock to find out what happened as well as who the killer is…before they set their sights on Tessa.

I was mixed about starting the third book in the Widow’s Island series after the meh I got reading books one and two. I gave book three, WHISPER OF BONES, a chance and it was interesting if a tad bit short. What hampers these stories is the length of it. The resolution seems to pat with the page count, and I found it not as satisfying as I would have liked after finishing this quick read. Melinda Leigh is an author I highly enjoy, and she keeps the suspense up in her second Widow’s Island story (the other books are written by author Kendra Drake) and I enjoyed Tessa Black immensely. The story is enjoyable if a bit rushed. I found myself already figuring out things by midway and was a tad disappointed that the author couldn’t keep the suspense going longer but overall it is a good quick read if you are looking for a thriller to pass a few hours away with. I enjoyed reading more about the characters we met in books one and two (Close to the Bone and A Bone to Pick). I am going to try to see where the authors go in these and hope that they will eventually go longer in length to keep the suspense moving.

In WHISPER OF BONES, Tessa Black has another murder on her hands-on Widow’s Island and the victim is one who had a ton of enemies. The key is to see which enemy was the one who killed them. With a killer determined not to be caught, arson and more, Tessa needs all her wits to keep one step ahead of a killer and to bring justice to the victim. I really enjoyed Tessa in this book. She was capable, strong and quite enjoyable. It took a little bit to warm up to her and I enjoyed reading about her family and love life to break apart the mystery a little. The characters are enjoyable and intriguing if at times a little flat just due to the novella length of the series. I look forward to seeing where the author(s) go in this series now that the third book kept my attention better than the first two.

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